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Seasonal Flu Shots

It’s never too early for preventative health – our Brooklyn clinics are now offering the seasonal flu vaccine for the upcoming flu season. Even those who are in perfect health should protect themselves by getting vaccinated. A flu vaccine reduces the risk of the deadly viral infection by up to 60% – this reduction can be life or death for vulnerable and immo-compromised populations.

Every year, the flu virus mutates and evolves to find new ways to attack your immune system, so even if you’ve been previously vaccinated, it is important to get the updated vaccine. Contrary to popular belief, flu shots do not contain the live flu virus or harmful preservatives such as mercury.

How it Works

The flu vaccine triggers your body to produce antibodies about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies protect healthy cells by blocking the flu virus. Each year, scientists and medical providers work together to forecast what strain of the virus will be prevalent, and create an updated flu vaccine to adapt.

The flu vaccine is administered by a small shot – it can take just minutes to complete and is typically covered by most insurances. Although a flu shot is not perfect in preventing the flu, rest assured that carecube.clinics and providers are equipped and prepared to help you recover as quickly as possible.