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Common Illnesses

A common illness can affect any age group and have mild to severe symptoms depending on the diagnosis. Below are some common symptoms that Carecube helps prevent and treat.

Illnesses We Treat


Allergies is a condition where a foreign substance attacks the immune system and the human body has an abnormal reaction. 

Cold & Flu

Both of these illnesses are considered upper respiratory infections which means that it affects the lungs, throat, nose and head. They show different symptoms with varied severity.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

This is an inflammation of the membrane (conjuntiva) that lines your eyelids and eye and has multiple causes. Because it’s contagious, you should see a Doctor for treatment.


Although quite common, having diarrhea is usually uncomfortable, could affect your daily life and has many causes including; stress, medication, menstrual cramps, bacterial or viral infection.


A fever is a temperature that is higher than normal and can vary from person to person. This is typically a symptom of an underlying condition.

Headaches & Migraines

The common adult suffers from the occasional headache. If you begin experiencing uncommon pain or more frequent occurrances, you’ll want to see a Doctor.


Infections could inlclude common women’s health symptoms like a UTI or Yeast Infection but can also include symptoms from a wound infection or inflamed skin. Seeing a Doctor could help relieve your symptoms.

Stomach Aches

Experiencing occasional symptoms of intestinal gas or bloating is quite common. Although, when the pain begins to persist or worsen, you’ll want to see a Doctor as your symptoms could mean many things.