CareCube Onsite COVID-19 Testing

CareCube offers onsite COVID-19 Testing to businesses & events that need fast results on location.

Flexible testing solutions
Fast & accurate results
Prevent spreading

Getting speedy COVID-19 tests to ensure the safety of employees and create a virus-free work environment
Make safety essential on your special day, and implement proper precautions, protect others and reclaim celebration

What test do we offer onsite?

All inclusive and tailor made packages for your business needs

Antigen Swab test

A diagnostic test that able to determine if you are currently infected with the Coronavirus. Results in 30 mins. Approved under FDA EUA (details).

How it works?

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2. Get tested

We travel to you. Best testing solution for business and enterprise.

A certified technician will be sent to your location to collect and process specimen samples

A provider will be assigned to your event to meet your employee needs and provide full pre-testing assessments. An analyzer device will be dedicated to your location to provide fast results

3. Same day results

Fast, accurate and convenient

Your results will be processed on site and emailed to you immediately.

Providing safety during your essential day to day operations

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