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How to find a foot doctor in Brooklyn

Looking for a foot doctor in Brooklyn? Fortunately for you, there are several reputable podiatry centers in the Brooklyn neighborhoods: Kensington, Brownsville, Flat Bush, and Mott Haven, as well as in the nearby neighborhoods of Queens, Jamaica, Brighton Beach, Astoria and more. But how do you know which New Your podiatrist to choose? We’ll help you figure out how to find a foot doctor in Brooklyn that will help you get back on your feet and move pain free again.

A podiatrist specializes in the care of foot disorders
Podiatrists are foot doctors that specialize in helping patients with problems that affect their feet and lower legs. They treat all sorts of foot and ankle conditions including injuries as well as diseases that affect the feet, such as diabetes. Sometimes podiatrists are called podiatric physicians or doctors of podiatric medicine.

Podiatrists do not go to the same types of medical schools that medical doctors such as family practice physicals attend. There are special schools just for foot doctors. You’ll know the difference between a podiatrist and a medical doctor by the letters that are listed after their names. A medical doctor has M.D. after the name. A podiatrist has D.P.M. after the name, which stands for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

What can my NYC podiatrist do?
Whatever problems of the foot or ankle are keeping you from enjoying all that NYC life has to offer, your podiatrist can help you feel better and move with more freedom again. Foot doctors in New York can do surgery on the foot, reset broken bones, take or order x-rays, recommend proper foot care and shoe selection, create orthotics to help with food problems, prescribe medications, and help manage chronic conditions of the foot.

Foot doctors are a hot commodity in New York
New Yorkers are famous for their car-free lifestyles with lots of walking. That’s great for your health, but it can be hard on New Yorkers’ feet to walk as much as they do, often in uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. Walking with poorly fitting shoes causes a variety of common foot conditions in New Yorkers.

Common problems NYC podiatrists see include:

Plantar Fasciitis – Pain in the bottom of the heel is often caused by plantar fasciitis. This problem is particularly popular among New Yorkers, and our podiatrists in Brownsville see patients with plantar fasciitis quite often. It is most often seen in people who walk a lot and have shoes without proper arch support, which puts undue pressure on the large band of tissue that runs from the toes to the heel bone.

Hammertoe – Brooklyn’s fashionistas look great with their iconic New York styles. But tight high heels aren’t the right shoes to stride the city streets in. High heels are a common cause of hammertoe, a foot condition in which one or more toes gets stuck in a permanently bent position. Shoes with a wide toe box and proper arch support can prevent hammertoe.

Bunions – A bunion is a bony protrusion at the base of the big toe on the inside of the foot. Bunions are most often caused by wearing improperly fitting shoes, particularly men’s and women’s dress shoes that have a narrow toe box. The narrow toe box squeezes the big toe inward toward the smaller toes, and the bunion grows at the base of the joint that’s receiving the excess pressure. Bunions are a particularly prevalent problem in Brooklyn, with so many people walking to the office in dress shoes every day.

How to find the best podiatrist in NYC
Finding the best podiatrist in New York City can be a tough job, as there are so many to choose from. Looking at the long list of foot doctors in Brooklyn, Queens, Kensington, Brownsville, or another area of the city is enough to give anyone a headache. Next, you might have to find a migraine doctor.

Start with your neighborhood
With so many NYC podiatrists to choose from, the first filter we recommend is looking based on your neighborhood, because taking the subway clear across the city to go to the doctor is a perfectly good waste of an afternoon. Google “best podiatrist NYC” and include your neighborhood, such as “best podiatrist Brooklyn NY” or “foot doctor in Queens.” You can also look in neighborhoods you travel to often, such as where you work or where your kids go to school. Is your favorite restaurant too far to visit on a regular basis? Find a podiatrist nearby and you’ll suddenly have a good excuse to swing by for a bite more often.

Read podiatrist reviews
The glory of the internet is that anyone who has visited a foot doctor in NYC can leave a review letting others know about their experience. You can find reviews for NYC podiatrists on the podiatry practice websites themselves and also on review sites such as Healthgrades and Yelp. The legitimacy of online reviews is always in question, however, so use your best judgement. Look for patterns instead of trusting individual reviews. If one person says the foot doctor is terrible, that can be overlooked. If 50% of people say it, stay away.

Ask your friends for podiatrist recommendations
Social media is good for a lot of things, and getting foot doctor recommendations for podiatrists in Brooklyn is one of them. Ask your social network for recommendations of podiatrists they know or have visited in the past. People with foot problems tend to be very passionate about the care they receive! Maybe it’s because a good foot doctor can really change the quality of a person’s life by helping them finally be able to walk, dance, run, and jump without pain.

Looking for a foot doctor in Brooklyn?
CareCube’s podiatrists in Brooklyn treat a wide variety of foot problems, including bunions, plantar fasciitis, athlete’s foot, arthritis of the foot, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, sprains and more. Same-day appointments are available. Call today to schedule your appointment at 718-752-7380.

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