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Do You Have Slowed Leg Hair Growth?

Body hair tends to increase with age. As the years go by, the hair on top of your head will probably become thinner and finer while the hair on the rest of your body becomes thicker and more wiry. (Some women do experience the opposite, a general loss of body hair after menopause.

If one or both of your legs isn’t getting enough blood flow, you may see less hair. It could be the whole leg, or it could just be patches. It means that part of your leg isn’t getting the oxygen and other nutrients that it needs to carry out its usual job of producing hair.

You should thinking about changes in your body rather than the amount of hair you have compared to other people.

If you notice less hair on your legs, you should have your circulation tested. If your cardiologist says that poor circulation is not causing your hair loss, then the next step would be to see a dermatologist, or skin specialist. It could be a fungal infection or allergic reaction.


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