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Benefits of Vaccination for Adults

Religion, personal beliefs, safety concerns, and the desire for more information are the most commonly cited reasons some people choose not to get vaccinated. But vaccines can protect you against serious and fatal diseases such as tetanus, polio, measles, and whooping cough. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to be vaccinated, take a look at the following six benefits of vaccines.


 Vaccines Save Lives 

Vaccines prevent an estimated two to three billion deaths worldwide every year. In recent years, new vaccines have been made available totreat pneumonia, rotavirus diarrhea, influenza, meningitis, and liver and cervical cancers. Vaccines can save your life and help you stay in good health.


 Vaccines Protect Your Community 

When you get vaccinated, you’re also protecting others in the community who are highly susceptible to disease. Pregnant women, babies too young to receive vaccines, and people who cannot get vaccinated due to allergic reactions can all stay safe in communities where adults stay up to date on vaccines. Other community members who can benefit from your being vaccinated are elderly adults, people with weakened immune systems due to chronic illness, and adults and children who are unvaccinated.


 Vaccines Protect Future Generations 

Vaccines have the ability to wipe out and eliminate certain diseases by preventing outbreaks. For instance, the smallpox vaccine was discontinued in the early 1970s because the disease no longer exists thanks to vaccination. Vaccines can protect you, your children, your grandchildren, and all future generations until diseases like polio and measles are no longer a threat.


 Vaccines Are Safe 

Some people have formed the opinion that vaccines are unsafe based on horror stories they’ve heard on television, from friends and family, and from the Internet. But vaccines administered in the U.S. go through a rigorous testing process by the FDA and are strictly monitored for safety. Vaccine formulas and recommendations are constantly changing to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Vaccines Keep You From Missing Work 

The types of diseases that vaccines can protect you from often require intensive medical care and a long recovery. Being vaccinated can keep you healthy and prevent you from missing work so your performance and attendance don’t suffer.


Disease Can Enter the U.S. From Other Countries 

Some countries do not offer vaccines and do not require or regulate them. This means that if an unvaccinated person from the U.S. visits any of these countries, they run the risk of becoming infected and bringing that disease back to their community in the U.S.

For instance, the number of worldwide polio cases has decreased by 99percent since 1988, but Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have still not eradicated these diseases like many other countries. If you are exposed to an infected person from one of these countries, you can contract polio if unvaccinated.

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